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Perhaps the greatest merit and value of the new book by the American social anthropologist Jenny White, titled "Muslim Nationalism and the New Turks" (Princeton University Press, 2012), is that it shatters this cliche that blinds many an eye to the realities of Turkey today.
Martin van Bruinessen delves into a critical analysis of "Mem u Zin", considered a national Kurdish epic while Hamit Bozarslan and Nelida Fuccaro tackle respectively the development of Kurdish nationalism in Turkey and Syria.
Though Canadas of the Mind, like Nationalism in Canada, is diverse both in the kinds of expertise it draws upon and in the outlooks expressed, it is based much more on the discipline of history than our book was.
Few of the Confederation delegates in 1864--65 conceived of federal union in nationalist terms, and few thought a Canadian nationalism was possible.
Plaid's nationalism is based on acknowledging the people of Wales as a nation, having loyalty to it and working hard to enhance its well being and identity.
Any careful analyst will recognize that official identity has been shaped not by limited westernization but through praxis of a third world nationalism deeply influenced from the 19th century nation-state model of Europe.
After setting the stage in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 proceeds by providing a definition of long-distance nationalism, or the transborder "identification with a particular, existing state or the desire to create a new state" (23).
As it stands, however, the collection is an excellent introduction to many issues involved in thinking about gender and nation, particularly in, as the editors describe it, the "constitutive phase of modern nationalisms.
In Contemporary Nationalism, David Brown depicts the macrocosmos of nationalism based on his study of ethnic communities worldwide especially those that are foci of contention.
Philippine nationalism in its origins looks, for obvious reasons, very similar to the nationalisms of Cuba and continental Latin America; Meiji nationalism has obvious similarities to the late-nineteenth century official nationalisms we find in Ottoman Turkey, Tsarist Russia, and imperial Great Britain; Indian nationalism is morphologically analogous to what one finds in Ireland and in Egypt.
Nested Identities; Nationalism, Territory, and Scale.
In the above scenes, the various inter-war nationalisms - American nationalism, German nationalism, Italian nationalism, and black nationalism - bombard Jake and his friends, and, in their minds, all nationalisms are the same, since all nationalists appeal to their desires for power and control over their lives.