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Indeed, the overall impact nationally on charities of the move away from mutuality has been enormous, and has led to the charities having to change the ways they raise funds, given that traditional mutual benefactors have found themselves with different priorities - the shareholders.
To summarize, then, the formal and material characteristics of Jesus' formulation of the Golden Rule, it is (1) a general moral maxim,(23) an imperative addressed to the wide spectrum of humanity,(24) (2) whose close formal mutuality between subjects and indirect objects of the same verbs expresses a common human dignity and worth,(25) and (3) whose positive form, beginning from the desires of the human heart, opens to those desires' reach for the infinite; (4) thus its context is neither a reactive (retaliation) nor anticipated (do ut des) reciprocity of benefits or injuries, but a general altruism (grounded in God's own altruistic behavior and the Christian vocation of sons and daughters of that God).
They are led by butler Michael Hardern, who last year was beaten by a vote of 3-1 in favour of mutuality.
Waller's study yields some important insights into Early Modern familial patterns and also into the ways in which Wroth's works encode melancholy, helplessness, passivity, and socially constructed constancy, as well as fantasies of mutuality and empowerment.
Christian reflections, for example, dealing with the notion of mutuality in roles between husband and wife, even to the point of an examination of the need to share household duties, come to episcopal consideration through lay experience.
The agency also credited the company's management, saying, "New York Life's management team manages for long-term stability and strength, with a commitment to mutuality and the customer.
Personally, I have always had a lot of time for building societies and mutuality.
But the board isn't wedded to mutuality as some sort of mantra.
We see this as a fundamentally different take on collaboration--one that characterizes sharing and mutuality not in terms of doing the same research work but, rather, in terms of understanding the work of one another"(p.
Not surprisingly, while the evidence documents empathy and understanding among middle-class white women who shared the burdens associated with caregiving, we also learn that such mutuality rarely crossed the lines of class and race.
Like his predecessor, is a passionate believer in mutuality.
One of the basic reasons (for demutualization) is that the concept of mutuality says everybody gets to share, and you participate in a company's profits," said Benmosche.