municipal bond insurance

Municipal bond insurance

An insurance policy which guarantees payment on municipal bonds in the event of default .

Municipal Bond Insurance

A guarantee that the principal and coupon on a municipal bond will be paid at the appropriate times. Municipal bond insurance is usually structured in such a way that a private organization such as a bank is the actual issuer of the municipal bond, rather than the municipality itself. The bank does this in exchange for a fee. Municipal bond insurance grants a higher credit rating to the bond.

municipal bond insurance

A guarantee from a third party that principal and interest will be paid to a bondholder. Municipal bond insurance is written by private corporations for a fee paid by issuers hoping to obtain higher ratings and lower interest costs. Investors purchasing insured bonds or insured trusts obtain increased safety at the cost of lower yields.
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will be lead manager for this negotiated sale, which will be insured by FHA, with a municipal bond insurance wrap by FGIC.
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