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By adding Immersive Youth's expertise, and dynamic team and leadership, Motivate reinforces its culturally-focused service to world-class brands and agency partners.
The merger was facilitated by an investment in Motivate by Generation Investment Management, a firm with a focus on long-term investments in sustainable businesses.
Why did you want to motivate yourself to do this behaviour in the first place?
Motivate Publishing and Val Morgan Cinema Advertising, was formed to represent the on and off-screen advertising interests of leading cinemas in the Middle East.
The free seminar aims to help delegates find the positives in themselves, their job and the world around them - and send them away with the tools to motivate themselves and the people who matter to them.
The event titled "Fireball" aimed to bring together different bands from the region on one platform, and motivate the youth to join the armed forces.
Motivate Publishing has always placed strong emphasis on helping to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the UAE.
Before you decide that you are better off not trying to motivate your team, let's consider the proposition that Pink's thesis fits some people in some contexts, but not others.
Sometimes it's very, very difficult to motivate yourself to stand up and just go on and on and on," de Villiers said.
We tend to assume other people are motivated by the same things that motivate us and manage them accordingly.
We, as educators, have beaten our brains out trying to motivate students, and in the end all we do is compromise the entire educational process ("Try This: How to Motivate Your Kids to Learn," September).