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The morgue also houses high-resolution micro-films of every New York Times front page and collections of photos of plays, movies and television program artwork used by the culture desk.
Afterwards when tissue sample were taken for toxicology testing, the baby's body was placed in the morgue refrigerator, until the family was to collect it for burial on Tuesday.
The report said Smitha, then 25, arrived in Dubai on September 1, 2005 and went missing on September 3, the same day when an "unidentified body of a woman was admitted into a hospital morgue in Sharjah .
In front of the Zeinhoum morgue, where bodies of the killed were transported, Adel Eissa, one of the fans, told Daily News Egypt: "Security forces initially agreed to allow a number of fans to enter the stadium, and then they stopped the rest and told us we will let you in through another gate.
He said two of the men demanded BD20 to confirm bodies had been transferred to the morgue, while other employees asked for BD5 to put bodies in caskets and charged an additional BD5 if they were foreigners.
She was taken to the morgue, but shortly before midnight, an undertaker noticed that Kolkiewicz was moving inside a bag she had been placed in.
I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down," Douglas, who worked night shifts at the Hamilton County morgue from 1976 until 1992, said.
If you want an evening of scares, laughs, music and, most of all, genuine entertainment, then e Morgue Table is denitely for you.
A representative of the Embassy headed to the Morgue for confirmation," the Embassy said.
The 37-year-old convicted drug smuggler, Alireza M, was found alive in a morgue after being hanged at a jail in the north-eastern city of Bojnord last week.
The government official says morgue employees were told to prepare for many bodies.
The body was shifted to civil hospital's morgue for identification.