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II-27 Construction and Installation II-28 Affordability and Convenience - the USP II-28 Modular Housing Systems.
Functional Tender for the construction of two modular housing structures identical to high degree of prefabrication on the same site;2.
The 150 modular housing units announced by Government yesterday to be delivered before Christmas will not even cover the number of new homeless families for August and September.
The company is best known for developing modular housing used for worker camps but has also attempted to move into the market for affordable homes.
Forest City Ratner has taken control of the modular housing factory for its stalled Brooklyn residential tower from Skanska--but don't expect construction to resume anytime soon.
Red Sea Housing is one of the leading providers of high-profile modular housing solutions for companies involved in oil, gas and mining excavation activities.
Red Sea Housing Services Company (RSH), a modular housing solutions provider, plans to build a $22.
The modular housing developments are equipped with full-sized kitchens and are available fully furnished.
and several interesting examples of modular housing from a variety of architects.
TY Unnos, the modular housing system that uses Welsh wood, has collected a top European award for its management team.
In response to customer requests, the quill offers the same product features such as patented hypoid gear technology, maintenance-free grease lubrication, compact modular housing combined with a new, improved c-face quill input, and antimicrobial Alesta AM powder coat finish.
com to create modular housing that is eco-friendly, cheaper and quicker to build and can be designed as a one-bedroom bungalowor a 22-storey housing development.
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