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When plastic containing BPA photodegrades, it eventually releases estrogen mimickers that can leach into the water supply.
Unlike AMACR, which can be negative in about 20% of unequivocal PCa; is positive in a subset of benign mimics of PCa, including adenosis and partial atrophy; and may show focal staining in up to 20% of morphologically benign glands, (29-31) our results here confirm that ERG staining is highly specific for PCa and is exceedingly rare in benign glands (including mimickers of PCa).
46) They are rare benign mimickers of prostatic adenocarcinoma.
Therefore, the market may not be able to identify mimickers clearly prior to offer announcement, since some of them will get caught, while others will get away with it.
Lobritto, MD, follow the clinical presentation of the disease, elaborating on its differential diagnosis, and incorporating liver biopsy findings needed to tease out biliary atresia from its mimickers.
One of the most common benign mimickers of prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma in prostate biopsies is partial atrophy (PTAT), and this differential diagnosis is a frequent reason for consultations.
Coexisting IGCNU is a key feature in distinguishing TGCT from many mimickers.
When considering RDD, it is important to exclude other common mimickers, including LCH, xanthogranulomatous disease, histiocytic sarcoma, infections, and melanoma.
12,17,20) Morphologic mimickers include lymphoma and neuroendocrine tumors.
It is common that small foci of prostatic adenocarcinoma can be underdiagnosed and that similarly small foci of benign mimickers can be overdiagnosed on needle biopsy of the prostate.
Awareness of the presence of mimickers of malignant signet ring cells and attention to cytomorphologic details are necessary for proper interpretation.
Therefore, ALK positivity is still useful in differentiating IMT from its mimickers, which are part of the differential diagnosis in a practical setting.