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1/1,000, or 10% of 1% of a measure. Mills are used in the calculation of property taxes. See also: Mill rate.


One-tenth of one cent, or $0.001. Ad valorem (property) taxes are usually expressed in terms of a certain number of mills.A rate of 12.4 mills means that a property assessed for $100,000 would have ad valorem taxes of 12.4 (rate) 0.001 (mill) $100,000 (assessed value) for a tax of $1,240.

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George's Bath, | |with Birkenhead Ferry Boats milling around by the sea.
Najeali further said it was risky to scare animals during the day as people were milling around.
POLITICIANS milling around the House of Commons will have enjoyed artwork produced by talented Birmingham kids.
I'M sure the galleries at the BMW Championship will continue what has been a terrific week for milling around, writes James Milton.
The brief surviving footage records the aftermath of the disaster at the Universal colliery and shows people milling around the pithead.
Huddersfield town centre is decorated, Santa has taken residence in his Kingsgate shopping centre grotto, all the shops are well- stocked and shoppers are milling around with lots of shopping bags.
Some of those students were among the Latino extras milling around City Hall, which was doubling as a city jail.
There were millions of people in the street milling around, many were confused.
Eventually cars and mobile homes pulled over to peep the show: a total of five cars stopped and the ants got to milling around our death trap.
He said: 'There were certainly a lot of girls milling around but as I'm married with two kids that was as close as I got.
Dancers with ratted hair, greenish complexions, blackened eyes, tattered clothing and stiff, jolted postures impersonated the living dead, milling around in the audience and meeting surprised reactions that offered a fitting prelude to the evening's amusement.
The market traders had been packing up but there were still lots of people milling around who started running in different directions.