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Furthermore, cliff habitats are relatively structurally simple and typically house unique but sparse vegetation, providing limited foraging microhabitats (Cooper 1997, Matheson and Larson 1998).
Overall, the means of microhabitat variables differed significantly between the groups (Wilk's k = 0.
The regressions compared a specific watershed, reach, or microhabitat variable with the CPUE of crayfish at each site.
As discussed, the microhabitat features of all sites sampled appear capable of supporting the C.
These data also suggest that in sites with multiple pitcher plant populations or one very large population one should collect data in a manner to account for microhabitat variations.
The aim of the current study is to determine the seasonal behavior and microhabitat preferences of U.
Caddisfly larvae inhabit a wide range of aquatic microhabitats and virtually occupy all functional feeding groups from filtering collectors to carnivores (Wallace & Merritt, 1980).
Despite differing results in microhabitat studies, it is clear that continued research will be important for better understanding mussel distribution and habitat needs, and that this research may need to be species-specific and regionally focused.
19 m2 circle (based on a 25 cm radius) around it and measured ten variables to characterize the microhabitat.
This was part of a larger study comparing darter microhabitat distributions in different Sumter County streams.
We have modified these factors slightly as follows: (1) the distribution of initial body sizes; (2) the distribution of growth rates among individuals due to genetic or microhabitat differences; and (3) size-specific mortality rates.