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But it is also likely that for most of the people who inhabit this planet, and are not part of the global megalopolis, the stroke of midnight that ushered in the 21st century was simply another moment in time.
Some of the most enterprising countrysiders are doing this in the middle of Megalopolis.
Since Megalopolis offers a retrospective selection of essays by French urban geographer Jean Gottmann.
The main coal deposits in the country are located in Northern Greece at Ptolemais-Amynteon, Florina, Drama and Elassona, as well as at Megalopolis in Southern Greece.
1) to the convention 401/11: "detailed design, procurement and construction materials project desfa" gas pipeline high pressure of saints theodoroi to megalopolis ppc.
He further said that new mega projects would be introduced in health, education and transportation sectors to as to serve the residents of the megalopolis.
KARACHI -- Muttahida Qaumi Movement's (MQM) Senator Mustafa Kamal, who in his credit changing the face of Karachi during his era as mayor of the megalopolis from 2005-09 has resigned from his seat on Saturday.
The interior minister said that the situation would soon become normal in Karachi as the government has adopted effective and rapid response options to eliminate terrorism in the megalopolis with the sole objective of making Karachi a peaceful city and economical hub of Pakistan.
Now a traveler needs only three and a half hours to travel 500 km to the Ukrainian capital from the east-Ukrainian megalopolis of Kharkiv.
Followers of Christ offers documentation and commentary on 390 individuals in a random-sample survey of 12,166 people in ten zip codes of the Chennai area, a megalopolis in South India of about 8 million people.
Well, not so much town as the sprawling megalopolis of New Swandiff to be exact.
The loud message was that a small group of individuals could turn a megalopolis of almost 15 million inhabitants into a battlefield for at least a day, he says, adding that terrorism is a beast with an extraordinary ability to mutate.