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$100 million in bond trader's terms.


1. GOST 7.67 Latin three-letter geocode for Tonga. The code is used for transactions to and from Tongan bank accounts and for international shipping to Tonga. As with all GOST 7.67 codes, it is used primarily in Cyrillic alphabets.

2. Informal; in bond trading, $100 million.
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Over the past eighteen months, the battalion discharged and loaded 34 vessels with more than 357,000 measurement tons of ammunition and general cargo.
This past year, the battalion discharged two vessels containing 558 pieces of equipment and containers measuring 115,360 square feet, and 29,916 measurement tons.
Support to OIF and OEF via the MV Virginian included the movement of nearly 145,000 measurement tons of munitions.

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