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As discussed in the previous case study, the development of autonomously guided weapons continued for years without instigating a weapon-acquisition program, largely due to the lack of a unique link between new capabilities and existing requirements, along with reliance upon maturer, more familiar technologies.
Regular seasons are a factor when you get to be a little bit older, maturer as an NBA ballplayer,'' Jackson said.
I am fortunate enough to have had two such mentors, both ladies past their prime whose charms were of the maturer kind.
That may have persuaded some British firms to ignore Japan -- particularly at a time when they are putting so much effort into protecting what they have already got in maturer markets around the globe.
These markets usually offer higher returns compared to maturer markets of the OECD countries.
Thus, though you may often stumble and wander, such experiences will be valuable because personal; it is far better that they occur in youth rather than in maturer years.
maturer African laborers jobs [such as herding small livestock] that the latter felt degraded their rank".
A darker, maturer album than their previous efforts, Humbug is clearly the work of a band with a lot more left to come.
Almost a quarter said it was their reason for owning them, whereas 30 per cent of maturer consumers opted for 'quality and feel compared to high street items' as a reason for having genuine luxury items.
Holding both the Jedforest Challenge and Tweeddale Press Cups, Berwick farmer's wife Gillian said: "I bought the horse as a three-year-old and he has been a late maturer.
I think it helps that we're a lot more maturer now.