matched book

Matched book

A bank runs a matched book when the of maturities of its assets and liabilities is distribution equal.

Matched Book

A situation in which the funds a bank or brokerage has borrowed equal the funds it has lent to customers, where both borrowed and lent funds have the same maturity. A matched book is one way a financial institution can reduce its risk because a matched book does not add to its liabilities.

matched book

The position of a broker-dealer when funds borrowed are equal to funds lent to customers.
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Once hedged, the positions can be auctioned in order to ultimately achieve a matched book.
Dealers can run a matched book using various types of transactions.
Since the company's capital supports a large matched book business, its leverage ratios can significantly fluctuate within a reporting period.
Risk management policies in place limit the exposure of the company through matched book trading, tight open position limits on both a physical and financial basis, and the close monitoring of counterparty exposure and bad debt expense.
Morgan securities as manager of the overnight, term financing and term matched book teams for the repo desk as well as leading the Securities Lending sales force.
Presently, the company's capital has to support a large matched book business.
Additionally, Victoria Foster has joined the team to manage the European stock loan matched book and the client equity financing business.
NEW YORK -- South Street Securities LLC ("SSS" or the "Company"), a FINRA- regulated broker-dealer which conducts a repurchase agreement ("repo") and reverse repo program primarily focused on the financing of a matched book of US Government and Agency securities, announced the completion by its funding parent, South Street Securities Funding LLC, of a US$90 million secured term loan facility due December 15, 2010 (the "Facility").
Ranger's business objectives include operating as a sales agent for investment products managed by Annaly's subsidiaries, engaging in securities lending, facilitating matched book operations and providing market data products.
His responsibilities included financing Bear Stearns' global mortgage and structured product position, and all trading, hedging, and risk management of the firm's mortgage matched book business.
Lehman's repurchase book provides a material level of secured funding which stands at $215 billion as of March 17, 2008 excluding its matched book component.