market tone

Market tone

The general state of well-being of a securities market, based mostly on trading activity.

Market Tone

The state of the market. A market tone may be either good or bad. A high trading volume with strong or at least decent prices is seen as a positive market tone, while any sort of instability or downturn is seen as a negative market tone.

market tone

The condition of a securities market with respect to trading activity and strength of prices. An active market with steady or strong prices has a good tone.
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The cheaper levels and improved market tone this afternoon suggests the offering could see decent results.
The market tone felt extremely constructive in the run up to the Japanese Golden Week holidays and I am delighted to see such a strong reception from investors for ADBs credit and mission, said ADB Treasurer Pierre Van Peteghem.
High-yield has remained resilient in the face of the recent reversal in market tone as has been reflected by the steady pace of new issuance, even amid continuing outflows from retails funds, with three new deals pricing one day last week for $1.
The slight rise in the rates of the 182- and 364-day bills was consistent with the overall market tone, said the BTr.
The data can often set the market tone for a week or two, especially at a time when the US Federal Reserve is mulling when to start raising interest rates.
Randhir Singh, India head (financing) for Deutsche Bank, said that the market tone is very constructive for Indian companies looking to tap overseas bond market.
The better labour market tone was also captured by a survey yesterday showing an acceleration in manufacturing activity in theMid-Atlanticregion, accompanied by a rise in factory jobs.
His comments reflect the market tone that there should be some sort of resolution to this in the coming days and it is not going to turn out to be a protracted affair," he said.
But the market tone may not be set even after the elections, as it's not certain that Greece will secede from the eurozone right away, no matter which political party wins, and trading may remain directionless for a little longer," said Sato.
The fragility of investor sentiment is on display this morning as Thursday's upbeat market tone has failed to extend to
The general weak housing market tone was underscored by the median home price, which at $166,500 was 4.
The weaker market tone is largely due to the expected arrival of additional output from a new Asian production facility during Q4 2010.