market research

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Market research

A technical analysis of factors such as volume, price trends, and market breadth that are used to predict price movement.

Market Research

Research into consumer or client needs or desires so a company can make or customize products to fit them. For example, market research may involve conducting surveys of target clients (say, a particular demographic) to identify what they most would like to see in the industry in which the company is involved. Market research is important for most companies but especially for companies with a high client turnover.

market research

an aspect of MARKETING RESEARCH which is concerned with the collection and analysis of information about a particular market.
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Market research departments, especially those that have been scaled back, utilize outside research firms to help them get the results they require.
Benson: It is difficult to identify specific areas where we use market research.
However, market research teams do not need to be a stand-alone function to be effective.
The ability of the account manager to communicate the reasons for market research or for specific design approaches and to handle objections in a positive, facilitative manner creates the environment for research to progress.
Our goal in organizing this event was to create a 'United Nations' of market research where all of the different stakeholders would be represented and all industry resources could be pooled to address a serious threat to this industry," said Bob Lederer, President of RFL Communications and a principal organizer of the event.
Tugend: During the past five years, the staff devoted to providing market research services within agribusiness companies has been shrinking.
and Business Development Director, Melissa Hurley Lynch now join the Lightspeed team of professionals and will continue to manage the Ultimate Consumer Panel operation and work with the online market research experts at Lightspeed Research.
But, the foundation always remains the same: market research is imperative.
Selecting the type of market research that is the most appropriate fit for your organization and its research needs
My experience with focus groups and many of Bogart's sideways comments (though he is by no means out to bury market research) cast shadows on the bright, clean, rational world of scientific market research.
Market research has long been an essential ingredient for companies looking to boost product identification.

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