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Recent research from the CBO and JCT (Dowd, McClelland, and Muthitacharoen 2012) estimates the permanent elasticity with respect to the marginal tax rate at-0.
A taxpayer's marginal tax rate is the rate at which that taxpayer's last dollar of income is taxed.
5% in Hungary in 2004 and 2005, for marginal tax rates.
The paper's first novelty is that it uses for the first time original data for marginal tax rates from a group of European South-Eastern countries, i.
In response to the claim that the CRS study was flawed because it did not allow enough time for tax changes to have effects on behavior, specification (2) replaces the tax variables with two dummy variables: Tax Cut Dummy 4 Years takes on a value of 1 the year the top marginal tax rate is cut and the three years that follow, while Tax Increase Dummy 4 Years takes on a value of 1 the year of an increase in the top marginal rate and the three years that follow.
In any event, they suggest that if most of these deductions and credits were eliminated, the existing system of a schedule of marginal tax rates could be replaced with a single and relatively low tax rate.
Allowing for a marginal tax rate on investors will tend to increase the value of land and mean that the imposition of a land tax has a bigger effect on land values.
Returns with modified taxable income in the 15-percent (ordinary income) marginal tax rate bracket contained the largest share of returns for 2007, at 38.
They state that the marginal tax rate is a key determinant between tax benefits and tax deductions in the framework of increased depreciation deductions achieved by step-ups.
This income was subject to a 25 percent marginal tax rate, far greater than the marginal rate of 1 percent for 1913 and even the 15 percent rate for 2006.
In other words, the benefit of making the contribution in December 2009 is even greater because the tax savings are received sooner and at a higher marginal tax rate.
I'd say a 50 percent marginal tax rate on the very rich (earning over $500,000 a year).