Actively managed fund

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Actively Managed Fund

A pool of liquidity with a portfolio that an investment company trades actively in order to meet the fund's investment goals. For example, an actively managed fund may have a target return or a target level of risk. If the target is not being met, the investment company managing the fund makes appropriate trades in order to correct the situation. Mutual funds are actively managed funds. See also: Index fund.

Actively managed fund.

Managers of actively managed mutual funds buy and sell investments to achieve a particular goal, such as providing a certain level of return or beating a relevant benchmark.

As a result, they generally trade much more frequently than managers of passively managed funds whose goal is to mirror the performance of the index a fund tracks.

While actively managed funds may provide stronger returns than index funds in some years, they typically have higher management and investment fees.

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CBRE Global Investors' managed fund has acquired Phase 4 of Multipark Mpnchhof in Kelsterbach, Frankfurt.
There is a longstanding debate as to whether an actively managed fund can offer any additional benefit to investors compared to a passively managed index tracker.
During the quarter, Goodman continued to focus on maintaining a sound financial position at a Group level and across its managed fund platform.
Baker & Higgs Asset Management Strategic Managed Fund, is a multi-advisor fund that merge the return flows of various professional Commodity Trading Advisors to generate relatively good risk adjusted returns with probable low volatility.
The Association of British Insurers said it was renaming its managed fund sectors to make it clearer to people how much of their money was invested in shares.
The investment would have produced a higher return than if the same money had been paid into an instant access account, but it would have been outperformed by a notice savings account, tracker fund and a balanced managed fund.
A A MANAGED fund has an active fund manager using their judgement and experience to invest the fund's money to get the best return.
New York), has signed an agreement to acquire the managed fund data and research business of ASSIRT from St.
The former is an actively managed fund with a 150% annual portfolio turnover rate.
Her book outlines what exactly a managed fund is and how they work.
past returns do not predict future returns") make it extremely difficult for any managed fund to achieve above market returns over time (Black 1994; Carhart 1997; Landerman 1996; Malkiel 1995; Smith et al.

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