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Male members are mainly in their 30s and 40s, although their age groups span from the late 20s to up to the 70s.
A disgruntled male member said: "It's a shame that we had to lose Pamela in her lifeguard swimsuit.
Some clubs still will not allow women as independent members at all, but only as the spouse of a male member.
From the account given by former members, it is clear that extent of abuse ranged from spiritual, financial, verbal and physical abuse to sexual abuse of adult male members.
If a single line of this article is published, I promise you I will write an article in L'Espresso with my own classification on how long - or short - the micro-penises are among our male members of parliament," she stated.
WHEN I first read the Echo piece about male members of Canton Liberal Club continuing to refuse membership to women I had to chuckle as it had such an archaic ring about it that I thought it must be a spoof.
There are currently 40 male members in the Newcastle West Club who meet every second Thursday at the Bentinck Sports and Social Club, Newcastle.
The leggy girls certainly deserve a mention -- and they particularly appealed to the male members of the audience especially when they stripped down to their black hot pants and cropped tops revealing their toned bodies.
One of the longtime male members, Rudy Rinaldi, a former government official who is presently a consultant to the design and construction industry, says, "Lenore Janis has made PWC into the best networking organization in the construction industry.
A 4ft 10in fish-packing worker who claimed she was paid less than taller, male members of staff yesterday lost her bid for compensation.
Your cartoon depicts Martha Stewart's so-called acceptance by male members of the ``Good Ol' Boys Club'' - but not quite (``View From the Valley,'' June 6).
Senior Royals, possibly including the Princess Royal as well as the principal male members of the family, will walk behind the coffin alongside relatives of the Bowes Lyon family.