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But to make this the sole consideration of marriage, to lust after it so violently as to overlook all imperfections for its sake, or to require it so absolutely as to reject and disdain religion, virtue, and sense, which are qualities in their nature of much higher perfection, only because an elegance of person is wanting: this is surely inconsistent, either with a wise man or a good Christian.
Opens Friday THE STARS Gerard Depardieu, Jacqueline Bisset, Shanyn Leigh THE VERDICT A controversial take on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn scandal, Abel Ferrara's sleazy and lurid film stars Depardieu as Mr Devereaux, a French politician led astray by his lusts.
While Jamie lusts after Toby, Toby lusts after a series of boys, from a co-worker Donovon, to a whole cast of characters including Subway Boy, Loft Boy, Army Guy, and others.
Once given in to, the person who lusts, like the addict, wants another fix and then another.
The reason we care: Our favorite Rent boy, out actor Anthony Rapp, plays it straight as the tweedy teacher's assistant who lusts after the same girl (Smart) as the studly Meyer.
Seems Daphne (Jane Leeves) lusts after the ski pro, while he in turn lusts after Niles (David Hyde Pierce), who can't help but notice the model .
All those damn little clerks," says a character in a Wells novel of 1901, with "no proud dreams and no proud lusts.
The pitch: In the wake of a vicious gay bashing, an alienated young man (Futterman) takes a walk on the wild side as he confronts past loves, current lusts, and a host of urban myths.