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I always looked through United Farm Agency's farms for sale list lustfully, and found what I thought was the dream place.
Even within the pages of "The Vengeance of Nitocris" there is, however, a subtle hint of Williams's early fascination with the interrelationship between sexual passion and violence: as Nitocris avenges her brother's death, she lustfully, ecstatically, savagely pulls "with her own hand" the phallic-like devices that control the floodgates of the Nile (p.
Brazilian leaders, military or civilian, always have looked lustfully and anxiously at the Amazon Basin, fearing that if their nation did not explore, develop, and settle that region, it would lose those riches to neighbors.
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Of course not, but not everybody's a super-rich barrister, with a huge state pension beckoning lustfully on the horizon.
There was Jamie Lynn groping guys' crotches, sticking her hand down the front of another guy's pants writhing around various beds and all the while moaning lustfully.
Within 16 hours the disgusting monster, eyes leering lustfully, turned up to meet his prey and spent 15 minutes trying to persuade her to go back to his home.
92) Robert Craig 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon (California) One of the most balanced and tastiest "mountain" (Mount Veeder) wines produced; attractive from first whiff, the wine persists long and lustfully on the palate; lingers long and flavorful in the finish; a great match for BBQ pork ribs with a fiery sauce on the side; best served 2004-2010.
One of the bulls, groaning lustfully, sounded very close -- and hot.
I lustfully wanted to see the real flesh and blood incarnation of the unfeasibly pneumatic Lara Croft, who I have spent many a happy hour alone with on my computer.
How does he feel about being lustfully objectified?
After about three weeks of terrible family dynamics and listening lustfully after the school bus, I announced one morning that the children would be on that bus the very next day.