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8220;David Luster required a site that would emphasize his voice over work and allow potential clients to review multiple audio demonstrations.
Luster said, outlining an annual process by which teachers are reviewed.
Luster, the founder of EXL III Group Corporation, has been involved in the final stages of developing and funding a 60-million gallon Northern California ethanol facility, which he will complete while assuming his new duties with HBS BioEnergy.
Mexican authorities arrested Chapman, his son and Timothy Chapman in 2003 for allegedly kidnapping Luster.
Luster has declared himself bankrupt to try to beat a compensation order for $40million.
His criminal defense attorney, Roger Jon Diamond, said the women probably will end up with no more than the $1 million bail Luster forfeited when he fled.
Doe, an ex-girlfriend of Luster but now a married mum, said she didn't know he had raped her until police investigating another assault found a tape of the attack.
Bounty hunting is a crime in Mexico and Chapman, his son and brother were charged there after capturing Luster.
The bounty hunters bundled Luster into car after a scuffle,and were driving him back to the US when they were pulled over by Mexican police and arrested.
Earlier this year, a California court convicted and sentenced Luster in absentia to 124 years for multiple counts of rape, poisoning and drug possession involving three women.
With these name changes, the Iriodin pearl luster pigment product family is once again homogenous since it now encompasses exclusively decorative pearl luster pigments.
In late 1996, after many years of success with its Pink "Oil Moisturizer" Hair Lotion, Luster Products in Chicago sought a younger consumer base for its 30-year-old flagship haircare product.