love and affection

love and affection

The usual recited consideration when there has been a gift of real estate to a family member or other loved one. Love and affection is good consideration under applicable statutes,but it is not valuable consideration.Important concepts include the following:

• Atransfer of land to a child for love and affection during the parent's lifetime will often be deemed an advancement under the parent's will and can reduce the amount the child will inherit under the will.

• Love and affection will support a deed and make it valid, but it is not sufficient considera- tion so as to make a contract enforceable. In other words, a contract to transfer real estate upon love and affection is not enforceable; a deed with recited consideration of love and affection cannot be set aside.

• One who takes property for a consideration of love and affection cannot be a bona fide purchaser for value, because the consideration is only good, it is not valuable.

References in classic literature ?
And after that, with unalterable love and affection for you, publish and be damned.
To lose the only creature in all his world who ever had manifested love and affection for him was the greatest tragedy he had ever known.
And there is a little sermon and a great deal of love and affection from papa.
To Newman Noggs he forwarded one half of the sum he had realised, entreating him to take an opportunity of handing it to Kate in secret, and conveying to her the warmest assurances of his love and affection.
Dobbin was much too modest a young fellow to suppose that this happy change in all his circumstances arose from his own generous and manly disposition: he chose, from some perverseness, to attribute his good fortune to the sole agency and benevolence of little George Osborne, to whom henceforth he vowed such a love and affection as is only felt by children--such an affection, as we read in the charming fairy-book, uncouth Orson had for splendid young Valentine his conqueror.
The boy stirred, and smiled in his sleep, as though these marks of pity and compassion had awakened some pleasant dream of a love and affection he had never known.
JEDDAH: The absence of emotional conversations stemming from feelings of love and affection between family members in many Saudi families makes life and living seem dark and dull.
A little hug can go a long way, Your love and affection by it to say, The welcome feel of a human touch, Such a small thing but can mean so much.
He said that Sindh is the soil of sufi saints who had preached brotherhood, love and affection among the people.
Kory Floyd, professor of Human Communications at Arizona State University, reveals that summer is the season in which Americans express the most love and affection for one another.
A puppy represents the possibility of finding this love and affection with someone you have recently become friends with.
Blum details how Harlow's studies revealed the consequences of abusive relationships and how love and affection can be directly linked to elevated intelligence.