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When the loose body has been identified, it should be immobilised by external finger pressure or transfixation with a percutaneous needle.
The displaced fragment of the ACL avulsion fracture was comminuted into several pieces, and one large piece of loose body from the non-weight bearing area was removed.
It spoke for the Syrian National Council, a loose body of secular politicians and academics who have no authority over the jihadist groups who make up the majority of the opposition forces fighting in Syria.
Plain radiographs may appear normal during the early or transitional phase of the disease or show a loose body.
If the client does not loose body fat the wrap is free.
The loose body should then be immobilised, grasped and removed.
It's BMW's new 5-Series Touring and it's unlikely to have any loose body parts or be unable to sprint away from the traffic lights in a hurry, especially as we're testing the 530d which has 242bhp and 400lb ft of torque.
Plain film radiographs of the knee were performed and displayed mild joint effusion with blurring of the posterior border of the Hoffa's fat pad and no bone abnormality or loose body (figure 1 and 2).
In real life, Lisi shares Maude's turn of phrase and energy, while Moss's loose body language and scally accent make him such a convincing Moth that it's hard to accept his true persona is the real one.