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One who has bought a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting sale; the opposite of short.

Long Position

The ownership of a security or derivative, or the state of having bought one or the other. A long position brings with it the right to coupon payments or dividends attached to the security or derivative. Informally, one who owns 100 shares of a stock is said to be "long 100 of the stock." Likewise, an investor who has bought (or holds) an option is said to be "long the option" because he/she has the right to exercise the option at a later date. See also: Short position, Close a position.


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The disappearance of longhand is only one chapter of the larger story of the proliferation of digital tools such as computers and PDAs.
And I can guess the age of loyal readers who eschew e-mail and write notes to me in what we used to call longhand.
Briefly, we read from original copy, often written in longhand by a reporter and more often than not well nigh unreadable, to the reader, who made corrections on a galley proof.
Artobiography is neither a typical written book nor a typical graphic novel; each page is divided into three or four sections, and each section features a black-and-white sketch of a scene from Seiden's life, with a brief yet appropriate caption written in cursive longhand.
From holding back on premature editing and using longhand to avoid mistakes made by computer editing choices to using tips and exercises to streamline the editing process, THE ARTFUL EDIT is packed with insights important for aspiring writers.
Few editors believe anymore that a homespun politician sits at the kitchen table at night and writes in longhand an op-ed for the local newspaper.
It took about six months to produce - three months to write out in longhand and another three to type it all up.
She wrote longhand, straight into spiral-bound notebooks she got from a stationer in Edinburgh.
The songs that make up The True False Identity were conceived during a period of isolation in which T Bone wrote "about 200 pages of couplets and verses, all in longhand.
With nothing but time on his hands, Malcolm set out to copy the entire dictionary in longhand.
Although a well-equipped office probably included a typewriter, most reports were written in longhand.