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One who has bought a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting sale; the opposite of short.

Long Position

The ownership of a security or derivative, or the state of having bought one or the other. A long position brings with it the right to coupon payments or dividends attached to the security or derivative. Informally, one who owns 100 shares of a stock is said to be "long 100 of the stock." Likewise, an investor who has bought (or holds) an option is said to be "long the option" because he/she has the right to exercise the option at a later date. See also: Short position, Close a position.


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Since 2012, the number of daylight hours gradually increased at an average rate of 10 minutes per year, with the longest hours having been recorded in 2014," said Al Jarwan.
The longest words typable on the bottom row are: MYNNY (an early spelling of 'minnie', in the OED), NYNNY (a 16th century spelling of 'ninny', in the OED), MYNY (an early spelling of the verb 'mine', in the OED), NYM (W2) and NYX (W2).
LONGEST AND HEAVIEST MILKFISH -- Podium girls show the winning longest and heaviest 'bangus' (milkfish) to media lensmen during the Dagupan Bangus Rodeo at the Dagupan City Plaza, yesterday.
Several countries including the GCC, the US, the UK and the Philippines also celebrated the longest day on Saturday.
According to the Volgograd, Russia-native, finding clothes was a difficult task growing up, but never did she realize that she could possibly have the longest legs.
LONGEST MATCH IN GRAND SLAM HISTORY - 11 hours and five minutes The match was the longest in Grand Slam history beating the six hours and 33 minutes set in 2004 at the French Open by Fabrice Santoro and Arnaud Clement.
According to Guinness, the longest serving prisoner of consciencewas Kim Sung-myun, who served 43 years 10 months in a South Korean prison.
The longest suspension was seven months and two weeks costing over pounds 14,800.
Marching down the 10th with thoughts of turning professional before long, Joe was all set to remove the current longest drive marker and place it next to his ball.
Route 6, which is the nation's longest contiguous highway, as historic.
In the event of a tie on Highest, Longest, Most challenges (for example, if two teams have a 20-stair ollie) both teams get the 50 points.
Earth's longest mountain chain hugs the western edge of South America and includes Mount Aconcagua, the Western Hemisphere's highest peak (22,835 ft).