long leg

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Long leg

The part of an option spread in which an agreement to buy the underlying security is made.

Long Leg

In an option spread, the portion that is a long position. For example, if a spread consists of a long position on one option and a short position on a similar option, the long position is called the long leg. It should not be confused with a leg in a swap.

long leg

The side of an option spread (that is, one option bought long and one option sold short) that an investor is long. With a spread that involves owning a June 20 put and being short a March 20 put, the June 20 put represents the long leg. Compare short leg.
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Yashvin got up too, stretching his long legs and his long back.
It took a far-sighted Pygmy, I can assure you, to discern his summit without the help of a telescope; and sometimes, in misty weather, they could not see his upper half, but only his long legs, which seemed to be striding about by themselves.
What a spectacle it must have been, to see this monstrous fellow sprawling in the air, face downwards, kicking out his long legs and wriggling his whole vast body, like a baby when its father holds it at arm's length towards the ceiling.
Katharine Hepburn, named after the late actress, already has long legs.
CHILDREN with long legs have a lower than average risk of heart disease as adults but may be more prone to cancer, say researchers.
Those who followed the money were rewarded with Daddy Long Legs leading home a one-twothree for O'Brien, but the fact he is available at 33-1 for the 2,000 Guineas and Derby suggests he is far from the top of the Ballydoyle pecking order.
The associates later worked with Parsons on preliminary choreographic planning for the dances he is creating for a musical theater production of Daddy Long Legs.
24pm RUK Kentucky Derby G1 Churchill Downs, 1m2f dirt, 3yo NOBODY suggested it would be easy for Ballydoyle colt Daddy Long Legs as he attempts to become the first European-trained winner of the Kentucky Derby, writes Nicholas Godfrey in Louisville.
Dubai Trainer Aidan O'Brien's Wrote started the UAE Derby as the favourite, but it was stablemate Daddy Long Legs who reached home first and is now looking a certainty to tackle the Kentucky Derby.
My long legs demanded occasional shuffling from side to side until a beaming voice from the front caught me off guard: "Can you just STOP kicking my back?
Penguins are seabirds and having long legs would hinder them.
James Stephenson of Great Ayton caught one of 11lb 11oz on a Black Nomad, while Middlesbrough's John Wildon tempted an 11lb 3oz rainbow on a gold head Daddy Long Legs.