loan value

Loan value

The maximum percentage of the value of securities that a broker can lend to a margin account customer, as dictated by the Federal Reserve Board in Regulation T.

Loan Value

The maximum amount an individual or company may borrow to buy securities on margin on a certain amount of collateral. The amount of a loan value is governed by Regulation T and by individual companies. See also: Maintenance Requirement.

loan value

The maximum amount that may be borrowed, using a security as collateral. If the Federal Reserve specifies an initial margin requirement of 50% under Regulation T, $5,000 in securities would have a loan value of $2,500.
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30 percent on home loan and home loan balance transfer for a loan value above Rs.
The Commodity Credit Corporation applies premiums and discounts for quality factors to compute the loan value for an individual ton of peanuts.
The 203 microloans with interest amounted to 15 percent of the number of loans worth RO 835,972 and accounted for 6 percent of the loan value.
The total loan value is at EGP 10bn, of which Bank Audi-Egypt provided EGP 400m.
2011-16 provides that with respect to a mortgage loan, (1) if a modification is occasioned by default; or (2) based on all the facts and circumstance, a REIT or loan service provider believes that (a) there is a significant risk of default on the loan, and (b) the modified loan, as compared to the unmodified loan, presents a substantially reduced risk of default, then the REIT has not made a new commitment to make or purchase a loan, the modification of the mortgage loan is not a prohibited transaction, and the loan value of real property securing the loan does not change.
The need to click the submit button every time a value is changed is frustrating to users, especially when reverse calculating recommended loan value based on affordability.
28, 2012 (CENS) -- Asia's syndicated loan value showed a sizable annual drop of 26% to US$199 billion in the first three quarters and the number of cases declined to 676 from 845, according to the statistics released by Thomson Reuters Basis Point Corp.
This summer, we are making it affordable for you to buy the car you've been longing to get, and giving you the chance to win your car loan value back.
16 percent of outstanding loan value to protect against potential losses.
Final price is 240K, plus current loan value multiplied by 1.
Louis Petriello has been named chief financial officer and general counsel of Loan Value Grooup.
The monthly average loan value is pounds 7,515 for a car purchase.