loan pool

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6 February 2014 -- Alabama US-based Regions Bank (NYSE: RF) said it exceeded its Alabama economic development loan pool commitment for 2013 and will expand its loan pool commitment in 2014.
Until now, risk-based bank capital rules required that a bank maintain at least eight percent of capital against the entirety of a commercial real estate loan pool, even if the bank had sold a senior interest in the loan pool and retained only a junior interest, with no ongoing credit support for the senior interest sold.
All other states represent less than 5% of the loan pool.
The weighted average original loan-to-value ratio (OLTV) of the loan pool is approximately 70.
The 'AAA' rating reflects the program's highly rated clean water loan pool and strong default tolerance due to substantial reserves.
The pledged loan pool continues to expand and diversify.
The 'AAA' rating on the bonds is based on the underwriting standards employed by the NJEIT, significant loan pool diversification, high collateralization levels, and the overall credit quality of the drinking water state revolving fund (DWSRF) and the clean water state revolving fund (CWSRF) loan pools.
This increases the diversity of the loan pool and lessens the risk of any one borrower's default eroding the reserve collateralization of the SRFs and threatening bondholder payments.
CHICAGO -- Fitch assigns an 'AAA' rating to the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority's (Pennvest) approximately $45 million revenue bonds (Pennvest Loan Pool Program), series 2006A.
The bank's loan pool is naturally diversified, with the largest borrower, the Brattleboro Union High School District No.
The 'AAA' rating for the EFC MFI senior and subordinate lien SRF bonds is based on substantial reserves, which currently total $845 million, or 37% of senior and subordinate lien MFI bonds, and the diversification and credit quality of the loan pool, which includes approximately 320 participants.
The weighted average OLTV of the loan pool is approximately 69.