loan application process

loan application process

The creation and transmittal of all information a lender might find necessary to assist it in reaching a decision to loan money to a borrower or not.At a minimum,the process usually consists of

• Alist of assets and liabilities

• Current cash flows showing a present ability to repay the loan, or pro forma projections showing future income sufficient to repay the loan, such as if the loan proceeds will be used to buy income-producing property

• A Social Security number and present address so that the lender can obtain a credit score

Depending on the complexity of the purpose for the loan,or the handicaps a borrower must overcome because of a poor credit score, the process can become much more complex. All lenders have their own specialized requirements and procedures; even individual loan officers within an organization may have differing requirements for the process.

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15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Open Energy, an innovative debt finance firm that provides solar project loans to solar developers and project owners through its unique marketplace lending model, today announced the launch of its new online platform, designed to streamline the loan application process.
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For more information on the emergency loan application process, farmers may contact the Farm Service Agency's Tangent Service Center at (541) 967-5925, Ext.
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The locations of Disaster Recovery Centers and the loan application process can be obtained by calling the SBA Customer Service Center at 800-659-2955 (800-877-8339 for people with speech or hearing disabilities) Monday through Friday from 8 a.
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