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The biggest single list price increase during August was for the BMW X5 4.
Chastain said sellers remain reluctant to reduce the list price, but buyers are becoming savvy.
While NetApp last week was vague about its pricing and only quoted starting prices as low as $10,000 for minimalist configurations of its cheapest box, EMC blithely quoted a more meaningful but whopping $49,000 list price for what it described as a typical 0.
Vauxhall Astra takes third place for the largest list price increase in the top ten.
Average differences in list prices of comparable saw diamond products tripled.
Medea is happy to announce that our new VideoRaid FCR2X disk arrays have been qualified by AJA for use with Kona-HD and support 10-bit, 1080/60i HD editing at US list prices starting at $6,999.
These new list prices set an aggressive new price-performance standard for both high-end and value-oriented tablet PCs," said David Perkins, vice president of sales at Howard Computers, Laurel, Miss.
The 4 and 8-channel mux/de-mux modules have $2999 to $5999 list prices.
US list prices for VISION-RP start at $5,000 for customers who already own a licensed version of ATI's VISION 2.
For example, in a 96-port configuration using published list prices, the HP price per port for a 5300xl switch is $99 compared to similar products from 3Com at $220 and Cisco at $421.
Off-list pricing for all packaged forms of DOWFLAKE calcium chloride will be increased by $10 per net ton, not to exceed current list prices.