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In context of securities, easily traded or converted to cash.
In context of a corporation, the state of having enough cash and cash equivalents to cover short-term obligations.


Easy convertibility into cash. A liquid asset or security can be easily bought or sold with little or no impact on price. Most methods of counting money supply include some highly liquid investments such as certificates of deposit. Liquid assets and investments are highly desirable as they may be sold to allow an investor to enter other investments as they arise. On exchanges, liquid investments usually have low bid-ask spreads. See also: Illiquid, Liquidity preference hypothesis.


1. Of, relating to, or being an asset that may be bought or sold in a short period of time with relatively small price changes engendered by the transaction. A U.S. Treasury bill is an example of a very liquid asset. (Many issues of municipal bonds are not very liquid.) Compare illiquid.
2. Of, relating to, or being an investment position in which most of the assets are in money or near money. This kind of position generally earns a relatively low return but allows the investor to take advantage of other investment opportunities.
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This Global and Chinese Report 2015 is a result of industry experts' diligent work on researching the world market of Liquid Granite.
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TSA officials say the three-ounce bottles of liquids that are allowed on planes do not have to be labeled.
Treasury securities are among the most liquid bonds in the world.
Oil coated pastes are powder-form free-flowing particles which are coated with a plasticizer liquid.
Because most of an antibubble is liquid, it's heavier and less buoyant than an ordinary air bubble, so it rises only sluggishly.
Once the body hardens, it's transferred to a liquid nitrogen-filled cryostat, a container made of insulating materials like fiberglass and the mineral perlite, The body is maintained at -196[degrees]C (-320[degrees]F).
A striking difference (by four orders of magnitude) was found in one case, due to a combination of the effect of the ionic liquid on the rate of reaction and its effect on the reduction potentials of the two reactants, which in turn affect the rate constants.
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Choose soft, moist foods and thick, icy liquids first, as they are the easiest to swallow.
Temperature recovery is faster than with liquid heating because of the finer degree of control and higher watt density.
A corporation's liquid assets generally include any stock that a corporation may own (Regs.