lighten up

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Lighten up

Selling some part of a stock or bond position in a portfolio to realize capital gains or to losses or increase cash assets.

Lighten Up

To sell part of a security while still keeping it in one's portfolio. One may lighten up on a security because one believes that it will fall (but not necessarily by much) or because it is overrepresented in the portfolio.

lighten up

To reduce, but not eliminate, a particular security position when the investor feels that the security constitutes too much of the portfolio's total value, or when the investor is feeling less bullish on the security. In either case, a residual position in the security is maintained.
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The Healthy Hearts programme and the Lighten Up scheme are helping people with long-term weight problems to make sustainable changes to a healthier and more active lifestyle.
Last week, two officers visited Mr Lighten at his Mossley Hill home to warn him under the Representation of the People Act 1993.
The firefighter argued with Mrs Lighten during a council surgery at Wavertree CE School, Prince Alfred Road, on Thursday night.
Gary Woodbeck, Paterson's director of traffic and marine operations, says it's the second consecutive shipping season they've had to lighten their loads from full seaway draft of 26 feet and 3 inches.
Lighten Up is all about getting people to take control of their lifestyle and eating habits in the long term, which should help them lose weight in the short term.
These materials will provide basic, hands-on information on how to plant for energy conservation and care for trees, how to lighten surfaces cost-effectively, how to monitor energy use, and how to get your community involved.
To help cat owners better care for their pets and lighten their day, new ARM & HAMMER(TM) Clump & Seal(TM) Lightweight litter is the only cat litter that has unique technology that forms a tight seal around odor and destroys it with powerful odor eliminators and ARM & HAMMER(TM) Baking Soda for up to seven days of odor control.
Yvonne Lighten, of Childwall, made the complaint after she visited council leader Mike Storey's surgery at Wavertree CE School on Thursday evening.
Chris Lighten says his son Christopher needs regular daily speech therapy which he claims he is not getting at his special school.
So a frequent ``thank you'' from passengers would lighten their load, I believe.
Gamma tocopherol has been found to effectively lighten and brighten the skin, reduce inflammation associated redness and provide antioxidant protection.
With restaurants coming under fire from some for not providing healthy alternatives, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill has just introduced Lighten Up, a new summer menu featuring lower-fat and -calorie fare.