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1. To impose an obligation to pay. For example, a government may levy a tax.

2. To collect what is owed. For example, a creditor may levy a debt, meaning that it may collect it from the debtor.


(1) To assess. One may levy a tax or fine, which means to impose it. (2) To seize or collect, as when a creditor levies on assets by execution.

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Their analysis showed that the data appear to fit the pattern of a Levy flight.
The Jerome Levy Forecasting Center LLC--the world leader in applying the macroeconomic profits perspective to economic analysis and forecasting--conducts cutting-edge economic research and offers consulting services to its clients.
In the Levy Board's latest published accounts for 2008-09, exchanges accounted for pounds 6.
6331, the Service may not levy on the taxpayer's property or rights to property for 30 days following the rejection of an OIC or while an appeal is pending.
The reduced rate cereal processor levy remains at 4p (plus VAT) per tonne on cereals sold and delivered to animal feed processors
Since February, Levy also served as a non-executive director on Riverdeep's board, but is now also an executive director.
Levy, a former journalist, left his native Cuba in 1970 to live in Puerto Rico, where he bought four retail stores.
CO: Handleman Company; Levy Music and Video; Levy Home
And whether there's more inequality or less, Levy notes, there is good reason to lament the loss of industrial jobs that pay high wages without demanding the technical training of a software-programmer or the smooth interpersonal skills of a marketing rep.
There is a distinct lack of clarity on which betting companies are paying what in levy.
Starring: Bob Balaban, Christopher Guest, John Michael Higgins, Eugene Levy, Jane Lynch, Michael McKean, Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Harry Shearer, Fred Willard.
Notices should include the statutory provisions and procedures on release of liens or relating to levy and sale of property, and should also include alternatives that may prevent further levies (such as an installment agreement).