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Even if the AKP secures 50 percent of the national vote in the coming elections, it is highly unlikely that it will regain that lost intellectual legitimacy.
General Allen revealed his true colors when he said that Bashar al-Assad has lost all legitimacy to govern and that is incredibly arrogant statement for General Allen to make on behalf of the United States' government," he added.
If we assume that there would be no rains, no insecurity, budget availed, all necessary logistics provided by UNMISS as in 2010 and constituencies are determined, would the conduct of elections on 30th June 2015 ensure the constitutional legitimacy of the government?
I suspect that if any foreign power asked about the legitimacy, the efficacy, and the consequences of its military involvement in other countries before actually launching such militarism, it might be possible to minimize the negative consequences that we have experienced in the Middle East in recent decades.
We are going to table the issue yet judging from the general mood in the party, recognizing Ivanov's legitimacy is hardly likely.
President al-Assad reiterated Syria's support to President Putin's rational approach which favors peace and seeks to establish a global system that supports stability and combats extremism and terrorism, expressing confidence in President Putin's capability to contribute to restoring legitimacy and calm to Ukraine and to help the Ukrainian people end extremism and terrorism in their country.
The war of 1973 bolstered the legitimacy of the Egyptian and Syrian regimes, which had joined forces in the war before taking different paths, when each tried to invest the newfound legitimacy according to its respective capabilities and calculations.
Don't give up legitimacy not for me, but for Egypt," Mursi said, addressing millions of Egyptians who took to the streets this week demanding that he step down.
There is definitely a crisis of legitimacy in the Western world.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the Ahrar Parliamentary Bloc, Ali al-Timimi called for protesters to "expel sectarian preachers and advocates of division from sit-ins' squares in Anbar and Mosul, to maintain the legitimacy of demonstrations, public opinion and the unity of Iraq.
To start with, it documents a clear recognition of the revolution's youth and the legitimacy of the revolution.
TUNIS (TAP) - Leaders of Ennahdha Movement called for protection of the electoral legitimacy, at a demonstration staged Saturday in Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Tunis.