legal transfer

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Legal transfer

A stock transaction that requires special documentation in addition to standard stock or bond power to be legally valid.

Legal Transfer

The transfer of a security that requires extra documentation. For example, the sale of a security by the estate of a dead person may require the executor of the estate or someone else to submit a death certificate in addition to the security's own certificate. In this case, legal transfer ensures that the executor has not stolen the security from the deceased.

legal transfer

The transfer of a registered security when more than an endorsed bond or stock power is required for legal change of ownership. For example, transfer of securities registered to a deceased person usually requires submission of a death certificate.
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The concept of transfer of law is not new because over millennia, the legal systems from around the world have been developed through legal transfers.
B Prior Unperfected Equitable Transfer with Notice to Account Debtor I Subsequent Unperfected Legal Transfer with Notice to Account Debtor
The amendments also included article 12B, which dealt with spreading material affecting national security and foreign relations of the Kingdom as well as public safety and the national economy; the amendments specifically target cyber crime in these domains without affecting the legal transfer of all other information, according to Juma.
While firearms are a superb long-term investment, the discounting necessary to motivate a quick sale and the cost of legal transfer cut into the profits of the arm.
The delivered solution allows Diodes to easily model operational product cost and legal transfer prices based on bill of material, pricing, and product design specifications.
The taxpayers argued that the transfer of member interests is a legal transfer and that they gave up their full property rights.
44) It further confirmed that 'resale' at any rate comprises actions constituting the legal transfer of ownership.
Qualified Legal Transfer Test and qualified in 2007 to practice law in the UK.
For the KMT, the San Francisco Peace Treaty of 1951 and the ROC-Japan Peace Treaty of 1952, among other postwar documents, constitute a legal transfer of sovereignty over Taiwan from Japan to the Chinese Nationalists, then led by Chiang Kai-shek.
735 million where the legal transfer remains to be completed.
The motor giant say the cut will take immediate effect on car orders, provided payment and legal transfer takes place on or after the December 1 official start date.
This process is known as escheatment, which is the legal transfer of property.