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Release of information selectively or not before official public announcement.


1. In Keynesian economics, the process of removing money from the economy. Savings, imports, and taxes are leaked out of the economy, though they may come back in through the spending of one's savings, exports, and government injections. Keynes' circular flow model subtracted the value of leakages from national output to identify aggregate output. Thus, it is necessary to know the value leakages in order to calculate the aggregate national output.

2. In credit, money borrowed from a bank that is not redeposited into that bank, which primarily occurs through default. In this sense, leakage reduces the ability of a bank to extend credit.


A measure of retail sales lost by a community to a competitive market, indicating the need for more retail development in an area.

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His high leakage case assumed leakages as high as 20%.
The fracture grade, DCPW, cement leakage type, and complications of all selected vertebrae were recorded.
Meanwhile, MD KW and SB Misbahuddin Fareed in a statement appealed to the residents of the Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Jamshed Town to use water carefully, till the repair of leakages is completed.
Figure la and lb show the room configuration including the locations of the air supply tiles, racks, hot aisle containment system, air leakage paths, ceiling, and return air plenum on the top.
It has distributed leaflets in all the regions informing the people that the concerned officials will receive applications seeking detection of leakage and will fix the time to carry out the work.
The leakage in the outer bottom requires the partial removal of the inside bottom.
Figures released by Ofwat yesterday for the year to March show that the actual leakage at Wrexham-based Dee Valley for 2006/07 was 10.
We recognise that Severn Trent Water faces other more immediate priories in dealing with the aftermath of recent floods, but it must not lose sight of the work that it needs to carry out to control leakage.
When the company took over from the three regional boards in 2001/2, leakage was 1.
The results indicate that the corner position performs substantially better in terms of both sash and box leakage for different supply-air diffusers and different lab sizes.
Post-operative CT and radiographs are being used to assess and quantify leakage.
The Labour government should now step in to insist on an investment programme in this monopoly industry to fix these unacceptable levels of leakages.