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Release of information selectively or not before official public announcement.


1. In Keynesian economics, the process of removing money from the economy. Savings, imports, and taxes are leaked out of the economy, though they may come back in through the spending of one's savings, exports, and government injections. Keynes' circular flow model subtracted the value of leakages from national output to identify aggregate output. Thus, it is necessary to know the value leakages in order to calculate the aggregate national output.

2. In credit, money borrowed from a bank that is not redeposited into that bank, which primarily occurs through default. In this sense, leakage reduces the ability of a bank to extend credit.


A measure of retail sales lost by a community to a competitive market, indicating the need for more retail development in an area.

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Survey data for Europe and the Americas, both of which have seen an increase in prepaid and data services, reveals that leakages of over 1 percent of revenues have more than doubled from the 2009 survey, while globally the number of telecom companies reporting that amount ofleakage has declined.
In the future, a computer aided web-based leakage management system will report on and provide vital data on where leakages are occurring.
Overall leakages across all water firms in England and Wales fell to 3,420 Ml/d from 3,575 Ml/d the previous year.
It cut leakages by nine Ml/d but still missed the 17 Ml/d target set by regulator Ofwat.
SEVERN TRENT WATER is the only water company to miss the leakage reduction target set by industry regulator Ofwat, it has been revealed.
Regulators have told bosses of the public body that they must slash their leakage rates by a quarter.
Leakages were analyzed on post-op CT scans and found to be similar in both groups.
The Labour government should now step in to insist on an investment programme in this monopoly industry to fix these unacceptable levels of leakages.
In this paper, we discuss a methodology for predicting this air leakage, using an airflow model based on computational fluid dynamics, and validate this methodology by comparing the predicted results for air leakage with measured values.
However it praised the other main supplier in the Midlands, South Staffordshire Water, for bettering its target on reducing leakages.
Brian Duckworth, who steps down as managing director of Severn Trent Water next month, said: 'We have about 540 megalitres a day of lost water but leakage is a big issue, it is a global problem.
By harmonizing and distributing trapped data, the 2helix products enable carriers to resolve revenue leakages, recover network capacity and assets, and reduce cost of delivery and cost of sale.