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Insurance Claim

A document or request filed by a policyholder stating that an insured event has occurred and that the insurance company should provide coverage. For example, if a person has health insurance and breaks his leg, he must file an insurance claim in order for the insurance company to pay for some or all of the medical expenses. Depending on the policy, a third party may or may not be able to file an insurance claim on behalf of a policyholder.


You file an insurance claim when you send your insurance company paperwork asking the company to pay for any of the expenses your policy covers.


A demand, as of right.

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An emerging field, acoustic inertial confinement fusion can already lay claim to significant progress: A multi-institution team led by Dr.
With that kind of electoral power, they can also lay claim to a genuine mandate - the full, if unearned, confidence of the California electorate.
Finally, the viewer is left wondering whether esthetics can lay claim to truth and knowledge.
The NOC is located in Oxford, England and affiliated with Oxford University which is the oldest English-speaking university in the world and can lay claim to nine centuries of continuous existence.
The announcements came on the day the FBI and federal prosecutors joined the probe by the New York racing board and state police into whether a tote-company computer expert altered Breeders' Cup pick-six bets after the first four races in the sequence, allowing a Maryland man to hold the only perfect tickets and lay claim to $3.
Noons is also pursuing ways to differentiate the business from the industry imposters that try to lay claim to the 3 Men Movers name and associated best business practices.
Each generation of American filmmakers would like to lay claim to being the true innovator of the art form, but American Cinematheque is giving that honor to the ultimate non-conformists, the wave-makers of the '60s and '70s.
We have a unique opportunity to start anew without having to start over, and we are determined to use it to lay claim to every playing field - snow, water, off-road, on-road, or in the air," said Jose Boisjoli, President and Chief Executive Officer.
And with a faltering economy, nuclear forces are virtually the only way Russia can lay claim to being a world power.
6 um CMOS technology allow X-FAB to once again lay claim to a leadership role as a customer and service-oriented, pure-play foundry.
After the annual New York-Los Angeles NBA clash, don't forget to at least set the VCR for an hour-long documentary about the college basketball clash that 20 years ago could lay claim to being called ``The Game of the Century'' - the Michigan State-Indiana State NCAA final featuring Magic Johnson vs.
No other company can lay claim to such a powerful and effective product line, comprised of proprietary nutritional formulas designed by respected physicians, and backed by rigorous scientific research and clinical studies.