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The size of a two-dimensional space. One calculates the area by multiplying the area's length by its width.


A measurement of the square footage contained within certain boundaries.
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However, it must be remembered that depending on where one language area ends and another begins, mountain ranges are visible from other language areas.
The placement of language boundaries and labeling of language areas can be highly contentious and can influence political policy and its potential beneficiaries (Williams and Ambrose 1992; Williams 1996).
The blue line indicates the extent of the Lithuanian language area in 1876.
Several of the isoglosses in Virumaa are in fact the borders of old Finnic sound- and inflectional changes which divide the whole Finnic language area.
Using one Aboriginal language area, Djabwurrung, as an example, this paper has shown the value of clan name research to toponymic studies.
The old diphthongs are a salient dialect feature that is characteristic of dialects spoken in remote parts of the Swedish language area, and diphthongal realizations (or secondary diphthongs) of the long vowel phonemes are, in Finland, confined to the dialects of a small area north and south of Kristinestad.
In the form in which the quotation occurs in the Rothschild Canticles, it presents linguistic variants which point to the east of the Middle Dutch language area, roughly in the region of Venlo or Geldern.
The only English contribution, by Mauro Tosco, is a comprehensive study of case marking in the Ethiopian language area, following the lead of Murray B.
in a subject matter or language area appropriate to the position as follows:
She received her MS in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she held a Foreign Language Area Studies fellowship for advanced study of Chinese language and culture.
LOT 1: bookbinding for journals from the Anglo-American, Scandinavian, Romanesque, African and Arabic language area (approximately 1100 journal volumes per year) and monographs and all types of repair (300 books per year).
Youngsters with less severe symptoms had brain responses that were similar to the typically developing children, in that both groups exhibited a strong response to known words in a language area located in the temporal parietal region on the left side of the brain.

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