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A region or country with no coastline or with only an inland sea. In commerce, infrastructure such as roads, railroads or airports is required to transport cargo to a landlocked area.


Without access to public streets or roads. The owner of property that is landlocked may file suit to obtain an easement by necessity across another's land, but it must be a route that places the least burden on the other property.

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He has further said that the rail line forms a component of a bigger regional project for the enhancement of railway facility in the landlocked nation and other countries in east Africa.
Landlocked South Sudan which suspended exporting crude oil via Sudan's pipelines in January last year over a transit fee dispute said on Wednesday that it is building a $50 million, 100 kilometer road into Ethiopia as alternative, to export its oil via Djibouti.
This landlocked parcel also abuts land owned by the commonwealth - Pearl Hill - on the northwest side.
Diplomatic observers said the action was obviously Amin's way of striking back at the Commonwealth, especially Britain, by a deliberate attempt to humiliate the 300 Britons still it the landlocked East African country.
An English-speaking Armenian was appointed to run the office, which will link importers and exporters between California and the landlocked nation east of Turkey and north of Iran.
Abdalla is ever-mindful of La Paz's rancor toward Chile, which runs deep since a 19th-century war with its neighbor that left Bolivia landlocked.
Six international consortiums are bidding to rebuild a strategic rail link between landlocked Malawi and Mozambique's Indian Ocean port of Beira at a cost of about $350m.
This Hunter Thompson-esque trip from California to Costa Rica features five landlocked Austrians on a surf pilgrimage.
FOR a landlocked city, Birmingham has a unique love affair with the sea.
The stately Queen Mary 2, its parent company located in landlocked Valencia, will be the largest ocean liner in history to round Cape Horn under a new Path of Magellan Historic Passage cruise to be offered next year.
As the landlocked Southern Cone country hangs on the decision of choosing between Peru and Chile to move its untouched natural-gas resources, Indonesia has landed a huge liquefied natural-gas deal in North America.