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Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen had earlier urged the fund managers and the Hail municipality to speed up the land grant process in the province.
Even though the Percheman decision also adjudicated a Spanish land grant, comments of the court quoted here are equally applicable to British land grants in Florida.
About half of our research is in partnership with federal agencies through their support for research grants, contracts, and land grant research.
The investigators discovered that plots in prime locations had been granted to the wife of the chairman of the land grant committee and his nephew.
Inherent in the genesis of the land grant universities was the driving force for their continual change--the needs of the people in the workplace, the community, and the home.
In addition, the young nation had limited financial resources and often resorted to land grants to compensate certain sectors of the population.
Visiting scholars will help build new relationships between the land grant system, FAS and other trade institutions and organizations.
The element receiving the greatest support read: "Our forests will be held in a variety of public, private, tribal, land grant, and trust ownerships by owners whose rights, objectives, and expectations are respected and who understand and accept their responsibilities as stewards" (90 percent green, 7 percent yellow, 3 percent red).
Shaw Group Acquire Historic Albuquerque Land Grant Bestowed by King of Spain in 1692
Through the 2501 Program, support is distributed to entities that work with minority or veteran farmers and ranchers -- 1890 Land Grant Institutions, 1994 Land Grant Institutions, American Indian Tribal community colleges and Alaska Native cooperative colleges, Hispanic-serving and other institutions of higher education, Tribal governments and organizations, or community-based organizations.
The privately owned parcel was once part of the original Calabasas land grant, Devine said.
GAO interviewed senior administrators at 43 minority-serving institutions that had either applied for an NRI grant between fiscal years 1997 and 2001 or received more than $100,000 from USDA for research, three major land grant universities, and cognizant USDA officials.