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Knock-out option

An option that- is worthless at expiration if the underlying commodity or currency price reaches a specific price level.

Knock-Out Option

An option contract that automatically expires, even before the expiration date, if the underlying asset reaches a certain price that would be disadvantageous to the option writer. If this price (called the knock-out) is reached, the option becomes worthless. Most of the time, the knock-out results in the holder losing the premium, though some knock-out options, known as rebate barrier options, refund part of it. See also: Barrier option.

knock-out option

An option that loses its entire value in the event the underlying asset crosses a predetermined price level.
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The knockout win over Kinoshita, also in the seventh round, had a dash of drama as it somewhat cushioned the debilitating impact of Manny Pacquiao's points loss to Jeff Horn in the same card in Brisbane, Australia.
McGregor has +700 odds to win by knockout, technical knockout or disqualification.
The fibroblast suspension (400 [micro]L) was electroporated with 5 pg of the linearized knockout vector and each 2.
But amateur boxing's a different game than pro, it's not about knockouts, it's about boxing properly.
Knockout Coaching is specialized in high performance physical preparation as well as in athletic fitness, re-conditioning and injury prevention programs.
The new product can generate permanent and heritable gene knockouts in human cell lines within weeks.
My account highlighted the Knockout as a social and cultural celebration considered by many to be the social highlight of the year--bigger than Christmas--and where winning is recalled as a lifetime memory.
It's a busy week for Echo Knockout games with four matches being played on Thursday and two on Friday.
Also: Miguel Cotto (29-0, 23 KOs) held on to his WBA welterweight title after beating Oktay Urkal (38-4, 11 KOs) by technical knockout.
It's a Knockout will not only examine each team's range of skills but also reveal the most essential ingredient of all - a team's ability to work as a unit and face the challenge
The new Knockout PC has been unveiled by Evesham Technologies, a UK-based provider of IT solutions, to support the forthcoming football World Cup tournament.
Only 8 of those 38 genes are currently under study in knockout mice.