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Me memory is divided into logical "pages" of 16 kilobytes each.
With this version, it became possible to move program code as well as data into expanded memory, so the application itself was no longer confined to 640 kilobytes.
Getting Around DOS Limitations We are still working with DOS here, don't forget, and DOS by itself can only work with 640 kilobytes.
Table 1 illustrates how available RAM can quickly shrink from the installed 640 kilobytes.
nevertheless, it can be demonstrated here that RAM availability in this case has shrunk from 640 kilobytes to just above 500 kilobytes.
As previously mentioned, not all of the memory above 640 kilobytes and below 1 megabyte is available for use.
Box 3990 Florence, South Carolina 29502 (800) 736-7425 Price: Total accounting package, $3,000; fixed-assets module only, $100; contributions module only, $1,100 Requirements: 256 kilobytes RAM, 20 megabytes hard disk, I)OS 2.
9 megabytes of hard disk space, 640 kilobytes of memory and a DOS of 2.
Supplied around 3 million kilobytes in over 800,000 messages of direct data feeds to the official ATHENS 2004 website, 6 World News Press Agencies and 13 other data feed clients.