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The threat of mountain lions and killer bees is offered up with the same enthusiasm as earthquakes and wildfires.
Thousands of killer bees swarmed from the hive and began to attack Pugh and Zeledon.
Fact panels and a wealth of colour photos enhance the entertainingly- told adventure pieces, during which the author was stung by two killer bees and bitten by a rabbit.
At the same time, Killer Bee operations moved to a pay-per-scan, point of sale basis with Wal-Mart.
When I was a kid, it was the dreaded killer bees, which had broken out of a South American lab and were beelining straight for my neighborhood.
The sales results continue the trend we have seen over the last two years with 100% plus sales growth," stated Curt Mather, Killer Bee Bait's president.
It also included losses of $668,782 for the year in Killer Bee and $248,358 in our aquaculture activities.
Our Killer Bee subsidiary already supplies frozen saltwater bait to more than 600 corporate and independent outlets.
The operations of GSFT'S Killer Bee subsidiary and the aquaculture division each contributed to the reported loss in the amounts of $385,000 and $117,000, respectively, for the six months.
The company also packages and distributes the well-known Killer Bee premium salt water bait products line through agreements with K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Boaters World and over 200 independent outlets nationwide.
June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Seafood Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: GSFT) disclosed today that they have reached a promotional and advertising agreement with "Gary Finch Outdoors" to spotlight the company's Killer Bee Bait Line.
More than 60 organizations and companies will participate in the expo, including a Killer Bee Suppression Unit and CPR trainers.