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The state of being late for a payment on a loan or other liability. If a payment is due on the third of each month and one does not pay until the ninth, the account is said to be in delinquency until the payment is made. Some liabilities have grace periods to allow for late periods up to a certain point without causing delinquency. A late fee may or may not be assessed on a delinquent payment. Serious and prolonged delinquency can lead to default.


Past due.

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Hence, the only way to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents is to send them into adulthood with this label detached.
Their family systems are similar to those of violent and nonviolent juvenile delinquents in most ways assessed by the FES.
Prosecutors would retain the discretion to proceed against anyone under the age of 18 as a juvenile delinquent.
WHO Reads Wins inspired many of our readers TELLING his own story from juvenile delinquent to Army action man, author Andy McNab's an inspiration to us all.
The child is awarded special status in a series of national legislations -- juvenile delinquent law, social security law, nursery law, penal code and personal status law, and the disabled persons law.
Having started over Ali's juvenile delinquent son Sean adopting a stray dog he called Meg, and the family being turfed out their home, it turns a lot more serious on Thursday.
Merah has a long record as a juvenile delinquent with 15 convictions.
The Oswego County Sheriff's office said the girl, from Granby, which is a town near Syracuse, New York, was charged yesterday as a juvenile delinquent with several sexual abuse and child pornography offences.
John Carmack was a juvenile delinquent, building bombs and breaking into computer labs at the age of 14.
This marauding gang of juvenile delinquent chickens was torturing the dog in order to steal her food ever since I had tied her up.
Clearly, the public has embraced the myth of the dangerous juvenile superpredator and legal policies have been changed accordingly, further blurring the line between juvenile delinquent and adult offender.

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