intrastate offering

Intrastate offering

A securities offering limited to just one state in the United States.

Intrastate Offering

A new issue of a security in a single state. An intrastate offering is not subject to SEC regulations, but is required to follow the applicable laws of the state in which it is registered. Some companies make intrastate offerings because doing so is less expensive than registering with the SEC. In order to qualify for an intrastate offering (and thereby escape SEC regulation), the offering may only be to residents of a single state, in which the company must have a significant presence.

intrastate offering

A security offering in which the issue is offered and sold only to persons within the state in which the issuer is incorporated. Intrastate offerings are exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933.
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The 20% minority and female ownership requirement will be satisfied through a public intrastate offering of $1,000 investment units, in order to make this unique investment opportunity accessible to as many minorities and women as possible.
The staff is working on proposed rules to issue later this year that will allow crowdfunding in an intrastate offering.
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