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1. The implementation and management of a policy. A company's senior officers (such as the board of directors) set the policies and its managers (and sometimes the officers themselves) are responsible for administration.

2. In an estate, the management of the assets of a decedent until they are discharged to his/her heirs.


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The researchers were surprised to find that when fully alert monkeys are given orexin-A, they perform no better or slightly worse on the DMS task--approximately 81% correct answers with intranasal administration and 75% correct answers with intravenous administration--than at their baseline alert condition (approximately 78% correct).
Tolerance and efficacy of intranasal administration of recombinant beta serine interferon in healthy adults.
The objective of this study was to assess sedation and physiologic changes associated with intranasal midazolam (2 mg/kg) administration and intranasal administration of the antagonist, flumazenil (0.
Intranasal administration of a candidate influenza vaccine with Ampligen[R] resulted in dramatically increased secretion of IgA (also known as immunoglobulin A) which formed the basis of mucosal immunity.
First Demonstration That Intranasal Administration of Ampligen[R], Combined with H5N1 Vaccine, Will Induce Broad Cross-Protective Mucosal Immunity
With an intranasal administration that could be dosed once weekly, VTX-1463 could offer important advantages for patients over currently availably allergy therapies.
He will also highlight the new results showing that the BioVant-H5N1 vaccine candidate appears to work well after intranasal administration.
In fact, Pisgah's hydrocodone exhibited performance characteristics representing the best outcome possible: intranasal administration confirmed abuse deterrent features while oral administration can be subjected to formulation techniques to yield an immediate release or extended release drug product.
Each patient received placebo and two doses of PT-141 by intranasal administration.
Intranasal administration is well positioned to take advantage of these trends and evolve into a significant role in the future of pharmaceutical development and commercialization.