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the expansion of a firm into foreign economies by EXPORTING, but more specifically by FOREIGN INVESTMENT in the establishment of components factories, manufacturing plants and sales subsidiaries. See MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE, FOREIGN MARKET SERVICING STRATEGY.

International growth provides additional sales opportunities for firms constrained by the small size of their national markets and serves to reduce their dependency on a single national market to generate profits. See STRATEGIC DIRECTION.


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According to the literature, one of the best methods used to internationalize the faculty and students are study abroad programs, followed by international research and foreign travel (Kwok & Arpan, 2002).
The first approach used to internationalize the curriculum was the add-on approach [15].
In a statement to NINA today Naieli said : "The Kuwaiti side has shown any flexibility in the negotiations around the port of Mubarak, and in the absence of a common and understanding language between the parties, the Iraqi government should resort to the United Nations and the Security Council to internationalize this issue.
Foreign MNEs in the home market significantly differentiated decisions to internationalize, as well as the presence of internationalizing domestic competitors, anticipated product acceptance, and internationalizing suppliers.
1994) argues that a firm may internationalize early in its existence, if it has the necessary competencies to engage in international activities and can pursue new combinations of key resources across national borders.
The panelists' individual efforts both supported and advanced the collective mission of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance and the National Career Development Association to internationalize career counseling.
This document focuses on the need for American colleges to Internationalize.
The company said that both purchases are consistent with its strategy of expansion through "a combination of well-planned organic development and selected earnings enhancing acquisitions that strengthen the portfolio, widen the customer base and internationalize the business.
Contrary to small firms in Asia and Europe, small firms in the United States of America are less likely to internationalize.
Shortly after AS 4390 was published, the Australians began working with ISO and key players in, the global records management community to internationalize the standard.
However, the Chiba prefectural government is expected to oppose the plan to internationalize Haneda further as it could mean taking away some business from Narita airport.
The President also will look to "further internationalize this effort" and its financing, Gibbons said perhaps by drawing in the Japanese "a little more closely.

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