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A trade between an investor and his/her brokerage. That is, the client makes an order to the brokerage to buy or sell a security and the brokerage fills the order from its own inventory of the security. This can be advantageous to the brokerage because it is less expensive than going out and finding another buyer or seller. Some exchanges prohibit these trades, and brokerages are required to report internalization on exchanges that permit it.


To send a customer order from a brokerage firm to the firm's own specialist or market maker. Internalizing an order allows a broker to share in the profit (spread between the bid and ask) of executing the order.
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In addition, those who internalize the stereotype that Asian Americans have more difficulties with English language communication may choose majors that place less emphasis on English verbal abilities (e.
The decision to internalize is typically driven by the following factors.
Steven Kassel, a marriage and family therapist in Santa Clarita since 1985, agreed that girls tend to internalize their ADHD symptoms out of fear of being exposed as unintelligent or lazy.
Many staunch champions of property rights and market institutions have inadvertently aided and abetted this undisciplined demand to internalize externalities.
Motivating students to internalize the information they have received,'' is how Spansel describes teaching.
The successful firm is characterized by right decisions on whether to internalize a transaction or outsource it.
The objective of the Accelerated series is to reduce the time it takes for a beginner to learn, internalize, and apply book knowledge to practical projects.
It is the fields that "create the creators" who internalize what is possible in reference to other positions.
The decision on when it is feasible to internalize services has to be considered on two levels: service and finance.
Children will internalize examples better than threats or humiliation.
I'm delighted to be working with Rich again because he has already demonstrated to me his ability to internalize customers' specific requirements and accurately communicate that information back to the team," comments Randy Lowe, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development for Bellamax, who has previously worked with Marotta at InterTrade Solutions and Rainmaker Systems.
The Company will eventually internalize the waste collected into its Rolling Meadows landfill located approximately 40 miles east of Little Rock in Hazen, Arkansas.

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