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A trade between an investor and his/her brokerage. That is, the client makes an order to the brokerage to buy or sell a security and the brokerage fills the order from its own inventory of the security. This can be advantageous to the brokerage because it is less expensive than going out and finding another buyer or seller. Some exchanges prohibit these trades, and brokerages are required to report internalization on exchanges that permit it.


To send a customer order from a brokerage firm to the firm's own specialist or market maker. Internalizing an order allows a broker to share in the profit (spread between the bid and ask) of executing the order.
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While there is no hard-and-fast rule relative to the minimum size for internalization, plans this small often have difficulty funding an internal operation, and an association with a limited budget and staff may not be able to invest the start-up resources required to internalize.
Numerous associations have attempted to internalize without having established control of plan documents and basic plan participation data (essentially, the information needed to bill an insured: age, address, program options purchased, and so forth), only to find themselves in protracted and costly battles with the vendors they are replacing.
A clear dilemma facing most associations wishing to internalize is that they may not have the level of knowledge needed to run such an operation internally.
Both one-time and ongoing costs related to moving control of member insurance plans in-house should be expected and fully analyzed if you plan to internalize.
While it appears that dramatic action on the federal level is unlikely, it is still a distinct possibility in a number of states and may subsequently influence decisions to internalize.
There may be circumstances when it would be necessary to internalize a service because it would give the organization a competitive advantage.
We need to consider the opportunity costs involved in tying up the organizations money in order to internalize a service.
Offering some type of service can be a way for kids to be on the receiving end of gratitude, and this can go a long way in helping kids internalize thankfulness.
Once a person is awakened through the meditative experience, a process begins whereby one internalizes the meaning within sacred stories and ceremonies.
In addition to the temple metaphor, the Apostle Paul internalizes the concept of veil (II Cor.
Indeed, Dokoupil memorializes and internalizes the photographed scene, so that it seems to be something we have personally experienced and remembered rather than the relic of what someone else saw in passing.
The collection company consists of three residential and two roll-off routes servicing approximately 1,750 customers and internalizes all of the waste into the landfill.

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