internal balance

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Internal Balance

A situation in which the consumption in an economy roughly equals production. That is, external balance occurs when what is spent and what is produced in the economy are never too far from being even. Internal balance may be characterized by both full employment and low inflation, though not all economists believe this is possible. Maintaining internal balance is considered sustainable. See also: External balance.

internal balance

a situation where the economy is operating at FULL EMPLOYMENT and the general level of prices is constant (PRICE STABILITY). The achievement of full employment and price stability are two important macroeconomic objectives of the government. In practice, it is difficult to secure both objectives simultaneously (see PHILLIPS CURVE). Compare EXTERNAL BALANCE. See also DEMAND MANAGEMENT, INTERNAL-EXTERNAL BALANCE MODEL, MACROECONOMIC POLICY.
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To see if you have the kind of ready cash for this purpose, look at your most recent internal balance sheet, usually prepared as part of the monthly financial statement.
LAFCU's practice when assessing an overdraft fee on a transaction is to ignore whether there is enough money to pay the transactions, and instead makes the automated decision on assessing overdraft fees based on an artificial internal balance (available balance) rather than the actual balance," it alleged.
NNA - Telecom Minister Boutros Harb said that "the cabinet session yesterday reached a deadlock," explaining that Defense Minister Samir Mokbel "took the decision to postpone the retirement of the head of staff in order to resume internal balance to the Lebanese Army that is handling local security and carrying out battles to defend the country.
I believe the infiltration is nothing but a conspiracy to capture the nation and make it economically weaker from within just by adding to the burden of population to disturb the nation's internal balance.
The ICG also points to regional factors that are critical in shaping the internal balance of power in Kurdish politics.
The intelligence agencies that advise the president are undoubtedly cautious in trying to forecast how an agreement might influence Iran's internal balance of power, according to former intelligence officials.
Giroux believes the presidential election will happen only through achieving the legal quorum that has been lacking in each of the previous sessions, but also through reaching a political and consensual quorum based on an internal balance and the stances of active regional parties, the source said.
With these serene porcelain faces the artist expresses the peace within herself as she strives to capture a "moment of elusiveness" that reflects internal balance and patience.
Many additional adjustments are needed to achieve the dual objectives of restoring external balance that is, a net financial liabilities (NFL) position that is deemed sustainable by market participants and internal balance, namely sufficiently high and sustainable growth to reduce unemployment to acceptable levels.
America's medium- and long-term political, security, and, yes, economic interests require the Fed to recognize that its policy mission is not to focus narrowly on attempting to achieve and maintain internal balance.
Several reports have recently indicated that IRGC leaders are currently recruiting Afghan refugees to fight in Syria, helping Assad's government to regain some of the territories from rebels, beat back the rebel groups, and tip the internal balance of power in favor of the Syrian government.
But even as Dewhurst launches a round of counter punches - including a somewhat belated attack on Patrick's authenticity - the most consequential outcome of this race will be its effect on the internal balance of power in the Republican party, especially when the winners get back to the business of governing.

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