interest-only securities

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interest-only securities (IOs)

Instruments created from collateralized mortgage obligations from which the monthly interest payments have been stripped out and converted into securities.

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Additionally, the Company is not aware of any facts that would cause it to restate the value of its interest-only securities.
AMRESCO differentiates itself from its competitors by utilizing conservative accounting methodology to maintain high quality earnings and conservative valuation of its interest-only securities.
will provide a confidential, no- charge analysis of the investment portfolio and seek to provide the best bid for any interest-only securities which local governments may wish to sell.
The inability to make timely filing of financial statements follows the company's announcement on April 19, 2005 that it was not properly valuing its portfolio of interest-only securities.
The types of classes that make up the portfolio are: planned amortization class (PAC) bonds both with and without effective bands, PAC interest-only securities, PAC IOettes (high coupon, small principal) without effective bands, companion IOettes, interest-only strips, and inverse floating rate interest-only securities.
5% of our portfolio consists of residential interest-only securities, which were acquired as part of our risk management strategy to protect against a rise in interest rates.